Oros – The Church of the Archangel Michael – Anitsaio

LENGTH : 1hr 30 at a moderate pace
DESCRIPTION : Medium difficulty
TYPE : Uphill at the beginning then downhill for most of the rest of the way.
WHAT I NEED TO TAKE : Water (there is no spring to drink from, nor shop en route to buy anything).
SIGNPOSTING :CLEAR (red signs and stone cairns)

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ACCESS: After the Wildlife Centre (E.K.P.A.Z.) we take the dirt road to the right, and after about 15-20 minutes of walking we come across a green water tank.
00:00 Thirty metres to our left is the steep path which leads to Oros, and where our walk begins. There are clear signs from the start and we can see the little church which is on the top of the mountain.
00:15 After 400 metres the uphill path divides into two. We take the left fork for the Church of the Archangel Michael (downhill, in a northerly direction) and the right fork continues uphill to Oros. We go left.
00:30 The path divides again, right to Anitsaio and left for the Church, which is the one we take. After 8-10 minutes following the path, marked by a stone cairn, we can see the Wildlife Centre below.
00:40 After another 10 minutes we can see the church of the Archangel Michael.
00:48 We arrive at the 12th Century church of Archangel Michael,which was built on the ancient area used to receive worshippers at the Temple of Ellanion Zeus, and the pretty little reservoir. 100 metres higher up there is another reservoir. The seven metre-wide ancient steps lead us to a dirt track towards the left, but we continue straight ahead on the pathway in a northerly direction
01:00 We reach the dirt road and continue along it for a few metres. At the red sign on the old wall we enter the field on our right, while the path contiues to the left. We cross the whole field (in an easterly direction). We can see olive trees to our right and a red sign on our left. At the end of the field we climb up onto the path which leads us east.
01:15 In 15 minutes the road slopes downhill and we can see Oros before us to our right, and on our left the village of Anitsaio.
After 6 or 7 minutes we reach a plateau with the old water tanks which used to supply the village with water.
CAUTION Here the red signs are low down!! We follow the small path to the left which narrows after about 6 minutes, goes downhill and joins an old path which sadly has been destroyed and looks like a dried-up stream bed.
01:24 After 6-7 minutes we reach the concrete road which leads on the right to Vlachides village and left to Anitsaio.

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