Sfendouri – Oros

LENGTH: 1hr 45 at a moderate pace.
DESCRIPTION: .Easy at first, then later, medium difficulty
TYPE: Level then uphill.
WHAT I NEED TO TAKE: Water (there is no spring to drink from, nor shop en route to buy anything).
SIGNPOSTING: CLEAR (red signs ).

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00:00 At the start of Sfendouri village there is a crossroads. We take the left-hand uphill road (the right one is called Beer Road), and continue for 10 minutes.
00:10 At the point where the path stops rising and turns to the right, on the left there is a small open area which is the start of the pathway (there is a red sign). At the beginning it is obviously an old cobbled road.
00:20 We arrive at a large stone threshing floor covered with undergrowth. The path continues north-east.
00:30 The path brings us to the reservoir « Achlada », the signs can be seem more often now.
00:45 After about 15 minutes the path turns east and begins to rise towards the dirt tracks of Oros. This is where it gets a little difficult.
01:05 After climbing for 20 minutes among the rocks we arrive at the dirt track and turn left (there is a large green water tank at this point).
01:07 Fifty metres to our right is the pathway which leads to Oros. There are clear signs at the beginning of the path and we can see the little church which is on the top of Oros.
01:22 The path divides into two. Left (north) leads to the Church of Archangel Michael (downhill), and right continues uphill to Oros.
01:42 We arrive at the top of Oros (527 m). We are now at the highest point in Aegina on which are found traces of the temple to the Hellanion Zeus (the oldest in Europe).

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