Vlachides – Kipi

LENGTH : 40mins at a moderate pace
TYPE: Downhill
WHAT I NEED TO TAKE: Water (there is no spring to drink from, nor shop en route to buy anything).

Hike route 1921393 – powered by Wandermap 

00:00 Outside Vlachides village there are signposts which lead us to the pathway to the cemetery in Sfendouri – westwards.
00:03 The first 150 metres the path forks with one path leading north (continuing towards Sfendouri) and the other turns to the left (South-west) for the beach at Kipi, which is the path we take.
00:20 The pathway leads us to a lone cedar tree, a sign that we are going in the right direction. From there the beach is visible and we continue downhill.
00:35 We arrive at the end of the path and walking to the left of the stream we arrive at the sea in 5 minutes.

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