European Union and the Future? Function on the prospects for the European Union

SOURCE: Aegina Portal At eight o’clock on 14th June in the auditorium of the First Primary School of Aegina an interesting function was held entitled “European Union and the Future”. The aim of…

A nice choice of paths

Ceramic sculpture exhibition

Archeological Museum of Aegina The artists Laure Gaudebert, Clio Makri and Helen Mudie-Ioannidou will present ceramic sculptures they created inspired by the museum artefacts. During the last two years, all three gave sculpture…

Skotini – Monastery of Chrisoleontisa

LENGTH: 2,5 hours at a moderate pace DESCRIPTION: Easy at the beginning and moderate after WHAT I NEED TO TAKE: Water (there is no spring to drink from, nor shop en route to…

Sculpture Workshop with Helen Mudie-Ioannidou

Sculpture Workshop with Helen Mudie-Ioannidou Human Figurative Ceramic Sculptures Workshop An Immersion in Observation 1 – 4 May 2015 at Theodora Chorafas’s studio Oikia Karapanou, Perivola Aegina In this four day workshop, we…

Sculpture workshop

About Shape From Feeling to Shaping With Clio Makri October 25-27 2014 in Aegina The purpose of this workshop is to gradually get acquainted with the material, that is clay, its potentialities (possibilities),…


Traffic managment in the historic centre of Egine

1 Around Mount Ellanion Tour

8,8 km 5 hours Degree of difficulty: moderate (difficult for a short time after Achlada)

2 Sfentouri – Elaionas

3 km 1 hour 15 mins Degree of difficulty: moderate

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