Vlahides – Sfendouri


LENGTH: 85 minutes at a moderate pace
TYPE: Mostly on the level with some uphill and downhill walking before and after the stream, respectively
WHAT I NEED TO TAKE: Water (there is no spring to drink from, nor shop en route to buy anything).

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00:00 Where Vlachides ends there is a sign which leads us to the beginning of a pathway which leads to the cemetery in Sfendouri, in a westerly direction.
00:03 In the first 150 metres the path divides, one road leads West (leading to Sfendouri) and the other one turns to the left (South) towards the beach at Kipos. We continue towards the West.
00:05 We pass close to the big rock
00:10 We pass the first of 5 streams
00:12 We pass the second stream
00:15 We arrive at a plateau. With good visibility we can see Angistri in front of us, and Epidavrus (pic. 1.)
00:20 We arrive at the third stream. The path goes uphill for a bit until we reach the rock with the Cedar (00.25) (pic 2). The path levels off until we reach the next hill when it starts to rise again (00.35). There are red signs here but you must be careful not to lose your way.
00:37 The pathway goes uphill
00:40 We cross the fourth stream
00:44 We arrive at the first reservoir which we will come across. The amount of water in the reservoirs is dependent on the time of year (pic 3). Many shepherds still use the reservoirs to refresh their flocks.
00:50 We pass the fifth stream
00:65 We can see the cypresses now from the Sfendouri cemetery and walk towards them. We can see the second reservoir on our left. It is worth making a small detour to look at it before arriving at the village.
00:85 We arrive at our destination, the village of Sfendouri.

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