Ceramics and Aegina 2013

4 Artists in the atrium of the Archaeological Museum at Aegina: 
Reba Gruva, Christanthi Liberaiou, Despoina Nisiriou, Aliki Pappa

Opening night: Saturday 14th September at 20.00
Exhibition will be on from 14-19th September 2013
Museum’s opening hours are: Daily 08.30-15.00. Monday closed.

An idea was born in 2009 of an institution to promote the art of ceramics through annual exhibitions in the atrium of the Archaeological Museum at Aegina. It began with an International Ceramics Conference when 16 ceramicists took part, from both Greece and abroad. For two weeks there were workshops, exhibitions, talks, promotions and at the end an exhibition in the Archaeological Museum which was set aside specifically for the event. Later, in 2010 we invited two Swiss ceramicists of international renown to give an educational seminar, while at the same time an exhibition of Greek ceramicists was arranged in the Archaeological Museum at which the archaic, the modern and traditional ceramics had their say. In 2011 the works of one of the best artistic ceramicists in all Greece, Stella Bakatsi were exhibited, and in 2012 it was the turn of a new ceramicist, Yannis Mamoutsi.
This year, Aegina & Ceramics celebrates its fifth year and on this anniversary new directions are being proposed to create a stronger identity for it. We invited four artists in clay to come to Aegina, to visit the Museum and its area. They came and were so enchanted, that they created works inspired by what they had seen! The exhibition presents works that both predate this exhibition, as well as other works created specifically for it. Thus each one finds their own way to create a dialogue with the museum, its artifacts and/or the archaeological area of Kolona.

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